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Playing it Forward for Wishes - 34 wishes and $350,000 in support of Make a Wish Eastern Ontario since 2014.

Although Playing it Forward for Wishes has raised a tremendous amount of money, the group had very modest beginnings that started from a family golf tournament held by Metcalfe Golf on their beautiful golf course since 2000.

In 2007, manager Mr. Rob Howell approached Mr. Mike Wlotzki, from Make-A-Wish® Eastern Ontario with an idea to turn the family golf tournament into a fundraising event for      Make-A-Wish Eastern Ontario.  The idea was to raise funds for Make-A-Wish Eastern Ontario through the sale of “Hole” sponsorships.  However, Rob also had another idea that he presented as well.  He wanted to add a component to educate kids about Make-A-Wish Eastern Ontario and the value of “playing if forward”

So, in 2007 the first annual Metcalf Golf Family Tournament in support of Make-A-Wish became a reality and it raised $1000.00.  In 2008 the event raised $2000 and in 2009 it raised $4000. The event was a success and growing year over year and slowly increased the amount raised.  However, by 2013 the event reached a new height in fundraising, that year the event raised $33,500!  During this time Metcalfe Golf also raised fund through its tournament organizers appreciation day as well as other fundraising initiatives. 

Through this process the organizers were finding that the sponsors loved the concept and that the parents were thrilled with the message being taught to their kids.

Building on these Pillars in 2014 Wlotzki and Howell decided to establish the Playing it Forward for Wishes committee with the focus on selling more “hole” sponsorships.  They were very successful and raised $11,000 and adopted one wish.

In 2015 the event was expanded to include 3, 4, 5, & 9 hole golf options for families to participate in during the family fun day tournament.  In addition to golf, “Playing if Forward for Wishes”, partnered with Innovapost, led by Marty Thompson, to add the family fun day component which includes bouncy castles, rock climbing, zip-lines, along with police and ambulance cars etc.…  Also, in 2015 the PIFFW committee launched the “Wish Angels” program which encourages kids to help other kids through a variety of fundraising activities.  Some of these activities are Birthday Parties – kids collect money instead of gifts and donate the money to Make-A-Wish, while others may do a bake sale, or a lemonade stand to mention a few.  The PIFFW Committee grew to 6 members and in total the were able to raise $44,000 and granted 4 wishes and momentum was being generated.

In 2016 “Playing it Forward for Wishes" expanded once again with an executive committee of 10, a bigger fun day, and raised a grand total of $185,000 which helped Make-A-Wish Eastern Ontario grant 18 wishes.  During the 2016 event, two wish kids were surprised with the announcement of their wishes. This was a very powerful experience for everyone in attendance.

In 2017 the committee’s efforts stayed strong and once again the PIFFW executive committee expanded to 11 members and a grant total of $110,000 was raised, 11 wishes were adopted with 2 of them being revealed at the Golf & Fun Day.

For more information on Playing It Forward for Wishes please visit:  http://playingitforwardforwishes.com/