Chapter Wish Stories

  • Anthony's Wish to Have a Track Chair

    Anthony's wheelchair made it hard to him to explore his family's 120 acre farm. When he got his track chair, he said, "I can go anywhere."

  • Kathryn's Wish to Meet Brad Paisley

    After Katie's wish, her whole family were buzzing from the experience, laughing and recounting stories from their amazing evening. They hopped into their limousine all smiles.

  • Nadav's Wish to Have a Trailer

    Because of Nadav's condition, he's never been able to sleep outside of his family home. His new trailer will allow him to visit with family outside of Ottawa for the first time.

  • Cody's Wish to Have a Lego Playhouse

    When Cody saw his new lego-themed cedar shed he was awestruck and said that he now had his very own "man-cave!"