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  • Our Latest Spirit Award Winner


Volunteers are integral to our organization. In appreciation of their hard work, once a year, we nominate one volunteer for a Spirit Award. This individual has displayed extraordinary motivation, determination and dedication in supporting the Make-A-Wish mission.


We are pleased to announce the winner of this year's Volunteer Spirit Award: Jennifer Strickland and Julie Bertrand (Team JJ)!


Jennifer and Julie have been best friends for over 20 years and in 2010 they began volunteering at Make-A-Wish Eastern Ontario. Their dedicatoin to the organization and willingness to help in any way they can make them exceptional volunteers and wish granters.


This year they have taken on an extra challenge for Make-A-Wish; rappelling at this year's Rope for Hope fundraising event.


We asked Jennifer and Julie about their experiences as Make-A-Wish volunteers and here's what they told us.


Why do you volunteer for Make-A-Wish?


Jennifer: As a volunteer and Wish Granter it brings me such joy to help these wonderful children's wishes come true, and to know that Make-A-Wish sometimes becomes a type of therapy for them to keep on going. These children truly deserve their wishes. It means so much knowing that I'm doing what I can do to see what our little friends are as happy as can be. For me, it's all about our wonderful wish children.


Julie: I enjoy being part of the wish process from beginning to end. I enjoy watching the children's faces when they realize their dream is about to come true, and the emotions of the parents when they see their child happy. In the moment of a wish, for a brief time they can forget about what they are going through. I can only imagine the challenges, stresses and emotions they go through, so it's great to know we play a big role in their recovery.


What has been your favourite moment while volunteering with Make-A-Wish?


Jennifer: My favourite moments would have to be the wish reveals and seeing the children's reactions and the smiles on their happy faces. It brings tears to my eyes and it brings me joy knowing that I was part of making our wish children's dreams come true.


Julie: As a Wish Granter, my favourite moment is to see the reaction of the wish child when he or she hears their wish is about to come true. It never fails to bring joy to my heart and tears to my eyes.


Thank you Team JJ for all of your hard work and dedication to Make-A-Wish's mission!