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Set Your Goal

Wishes strengthen families, rally communities together, and change the lives of everyone involved.

Raising  funds to Wish It Forward can be fulfilling and fun. The first step after registering your page is determining a goal for your efforts. Treat your goal much like you would any other personal challenge.

Fundraising Tips & Ideas

Now that you have registered, set your goal. and set up your webpage, you are ready to begin fundraising! Below are some tips and tools that will help you meet your goal!

Utilize your personal social media platforms.

Show your proud Wish It Forward colours by ising the WIF graphics on your social media platforms as your header, cover photo, profile picture, organic post, and/or e-signature.



Reach out to friends and family.

Personalize and send this email to inform your friends and family that you are Wishing It Forward.



Encourage donations in-lieu of gifts.

Your birthday, anniversary, wish anniversary, special milestones, Christmas, Valentine’s day... is coming up? Invite friends and family to donate to your Wish It Forward fundraising page in-lieu of gifts. You can personalize this postcard and share with friends and family in person, via email, and/or social media.




Thank your donors.

A simple “thank you” goes a long way and can brighten a day! Feel free to use and personalize these thank you postcards to give them to friends, family, contacts who have donated and supported your Wish It Forward goal. You can also use this piece to send via email as a special “thank you for your donation.”




Encourage your friends and family to share your fundraising campaign.

Invite your friends, family, and donors to share that they have supported your Wish It Forward fundraising campaign. You can invite them to print this page, take a picture, and post it on their social media and tag yourself. We also love to be tagged @makeawisheo!