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Sarah's European Horseback riding wish!

Sarah is an 18-year-old with a true passion for horses. Her one true wish was to go to on a European horseback tour!

On October 17th, 2019 Sarah and her mother flew to France and took a train to Domaine des Garennes for a week long stay at a farmhouse....

Peyton's princess Disney World wish!

Peyton is a beautiful young girl who loves her family, playing with her friends and all the Disney Princesses!

In November we surprised Peyton at her favourite restaurant. Upon entering the restaurant all her family and friends were there to help share the news this her wish would come true!...

Max's amazing Disney World Wish!

Max is a 4-year-old young lad who has a happy, outgoing personality. He is a resilient and strong-minded little boy. Throughout his entire medical process Max's energy level and attitude never wavered and his smile never faded.

Max loves all things Disney, he spent many of our rides back and...

Mac's San Diego Zoo adventures!

Mac is a quiet 16-year-old boy living with Mitochondrial disease. He has a great passion for animals and his one true wish was to go visit the San Diego Zoo!

On November 11, 2019 Mac and his family arrived at the Toronto airport and flew to beautiful San Diego for...

Leah's Disney World wish #Granted

Leah is 7-years-old living with cancer. She’s a sweet girl full of energy who loves to watch movies, read books, play with toys, dance, sing and listen to music.

To the family's surprise, Leah's wish was revealed at a Pita Pit gathering in Kingston. Everyone took part in announcing to...

Keira's Disney World wish came true!

Keira is a sweet little seven years old girl who suffers from a nervous system disorder. Keira contracted bacterial meningitis at 15 months old. There were a number of side effects resulting from the meningitis, including a severe brainstem stroke.
What Keira’s family had hoped would be...

Joshua meet Woody and Buzz!

~~Joshua was diagnosed at birth with his heart condition. He loves to watch and play with his favourite character from Toy Story Woody and Buzz Lightyear! Joshua’s wish was to go meet his Toy Story heroes in Walt Disney World®! 

On April 6thth, 2019 The family arrived at the Ottawa...

Andrew's wish to swim with dolphins

~Andrew absolutely loves dolphins, the beach and going to waterslide. He has always wanted to go to Atlantis and experience all the activities mentioned above.

A few weeks before his wish date we celebrated Andrew’s wish at his school surrounded with friends and family. All were so thrilled that Andrew’s...

Bryn's wish to go on a family Disney Cruise!

6-year-old Bryn is a strong and resilient little girl. After several eye surgeries and treatments, many weeks of ICU hospitalizations and brain surgery, Bryn has beaten all odds! She is now doing well and seizure free.  
Bryn is a sweet little girl who loves princesses, enjoys swimming and loves...

Connor Disney World fun!

Connor is a beautiful boy who loves going to the park, playing hockey, going for bike rides, snowboarding, skating, and watching Pororo, Paw Partrol and Peppa Pig.  He is very athletic and doesn’t like to sit still for long.  Connor also loves animals especially his doggy Toby. 

In January we...