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Logan's wish to meet Carey Price!

  • Thank you to Brooks Brothers for helping Logan look sharp!

Ten-year-old Logan was born with an Autoimmune deficiency. For Logan that means his body does not make antibodies to fight off illness and he has to receive weekly treatments to boost his immune system.  

Logan loves to play hockey and he is a big fan of Carey Price from the...

Kael's Wish for a Hideout

  • Kael's Wish for a Hideout

Meet Kael, an active nine-year-old from Frankville, Ontario. As you watch him run around and play with his siblings, you would never believe that he has endured more battles than most children his age. Kael was diagnosed with a rare immune deficiency disorder when he was five years old, and...

Grace's wish to be a Princess

Grace is a very quiet and sweet five-year-old girl from Ottawa who suffers from Sickle cell disease, a genetic disorder that decreases the number of red blood cells, or hemoglobin, in the blood. Grace can lighten up a room with her smile and sparkles in her eyes! Two of Grace's...