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Tyra's Vancouver Wish!

Tyra May is a very sweet and kind 14-year- old little sister to two big brothers Brock and Kade, and one older sister, Payton. She loves her pets, dog Hank and cats Poppy and Ricky; watching Netflix, and hanging out with her friends, much like every other teenager. If you...

Marnie's wish to go meet all her favorite princesses at Disney World!

Marnie is an adorable and loving 4-year-old girl who was diagnosed with brain cancer in August 2017.  Marnie loves everything princess and ballerina. She loves her big sister Ada with all her heart and second to that is her fluffy bunny.  She also enjoys watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse shows and...

Emily's wish to have a creative gaming space!

Emily is a courageous and resilient 9-year-old girl who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in January 2016.  She had to go through  many treatments, surgery and rehabilitation. Emily’s favorite hobby is gaming. She also enjoys watching you tube video and she loves to draw.  Her favorite colors are purple...

Mitchell's wish to have an electronic gaming set-up!

Mitchel is 17 years old and a true gamer!

He was referred to us by the oncology team at CHEO as he is living with a brain tumor. When we first met Mitchel he explain to us his passion for computers and gaming.

For the first time ever, we revealed...

Carson's wish to go to Walt Disney World Resorts!

Carson is a nine-year-old boy living with plexiform neurofibroma. He has many inoperable malignant brain tumors and spends many days at the hospital. When wish granters met Carson he really wanted for him and his family to go to Walt Disney World Resort. 

While Carson was waiting for his wish...

Ethan's wish to go to New York

Ethan is a  12-year-old boy suffering from a brain tumor. His wish was to go to New York and experience what the Big Apple had to offer.

Ethan was surprised at the Make-A-Wish Gala in November 2015 and it was revealed that his wish would come true. That being said, Ethan...

Gabriel's wish to have an outdoor oasis

Gabriel, also known as "Babi," is a seven-year-old boy suffering from a brain tumor.

When we went to go meet Gabriel a few weeks back he said in a soft voice. “I would really love to go outside. I only get to go outside if my mom is taking me to the hospital.”