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Makaya's own movie theatre!

Makaya was referred for a wish by the amazing team at CHEO. She had been diagnosed with a Hodgkin Lymphoma December 9, 2016. During this time we met with Makaya to find out what her one true wish would be.

As a young teen Makaya told us how she likes...

Scott's wish to have a Coca Cola Fun Club Mancave!

Scott is a 14-year-old boy living with Cystic Fibrosis. Scott's wish was to have a Coca Cola Fan Club themed gaming room.

When we first met with Scott he mentioned he loved gaming, watching movies, playing pool, drinking Coke and hanging with his friends. His wish was to have a...

Briana's wish to have a London themed movie room

When wish granters first met Briana she had been in isolation for several months and still had many to go. She discussed that she absolutely loved watching movies and would love to have a place to call her own to just be able to hangout and forget about everything.