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Nicholas' Hot Tub wish!

Nicholas is a 12-year-old boy living with a rare disease. He was born with what is currently an undiagnosed rare disease, with symptoms including mitochondrial dysfunction, epilepsy, global developmental delay, gross and fine motor skill delays, and low vision/blindness.

On June 4, 2020, Make-A-Wish invited family, friends, and Mayor Walter...

Austin's Wish to be an Ottawa Senators Sports Broadcaster!

  • Wish child Austin on his wish

Austin is 17-years old and a huge Ottawa Senators fan! Austin’s wish was to be an Ottawa Senators sports broadcaster. With his clever humour, cheeky personality, and kind spirit Austin has all of the skills to be a fantastic sports broadcaster.

Austin had his wish reveal on March 28th, 2018...

Cody's wish to have a Lego Playhouse

Cody, 11, is a bright, engaging boy who simply loves to build with Lego. He also lives with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. 

From the first time Make-A-Wish volunteer wish granters met with Cody and his family, it was clear that Lego would be a prominent factor in his wish. Cody’s wish was to...

Anthony's wish to have a Track Chair

Anthony is a 14-year-old boy who suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy and has used a wheelchair since he was nine-years-old. This has been difficult as his family lives on a 120-acre sheep farm in Eastern Ontario.

When wish granters met with Anthony, he instantly knew that he was going to wish for...

Mathieu's wish to attend the 2015 Minecon Convention

Thirteen-year-old  Mathieu is a kind and inspiring young man. Mathieu has Duchesne Muscular Dystrophy but he doesn’t let his condition stop him from enjoying his favorite sport and hobbies. 

Mathieu is a talented power wheelchair hockey player and this past summer his team won the silver medal at the Canadian...

Owen's wish to go to Walt Disney World Resort

Owen is a four-year-old boy suffering from Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy. When wish granters first met Owen he was playing on his tablet and enjoying all kinds of Disney shows. When asked if he could make a wish for anything in the world, he said in a quiet voice, "I wish to...

Malaky's wish to have cooking lessons with Chef Mickey

Malaky, 8, suffers from Duchene’s Muscular Dystrophy. He is a sweet and happy little guy who is inspired by big brother Mathieu who has the same medical condition. 

Malaky loves Mickey Mouse and enjoys cooking with his family. So when asked about his one true wish, Malaky showed us a...

Nicole's wish to meet One Direction

Nicole is a 17-year-old girl from Sudbury. She suffers from Nemaline Rod Myopathy, but she doesn’t let that stop her from being your typical teenager.

Like many teenage girls, Nicole absolutely loves the band One Direction. She knew that if she could have her wish granted, it would be to meet...