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Tristan's wish to have a room makeover

Tristan is a five-year-old boy who suffers from a rare condition called Glucose Deficiency Disorder. When wish granters first met this little man his smile melted their hearts. He wanted a very bright yellow room with whales. 

We had the fine people of Dulux Paint come volunteer to paint his...

Dwayne's wish to have an electronic gaming room

Dwayne, six, sickle cell, wished to have an electronic gaming room!

When we first met Dwayne he was very excited to let us know that he wanted a playroom with all kinds of electronics. "I love to build computers just like Bill Gates," Dwayne said. He also added that he...

Mikayla's wish to have a stimulating princess room

Meet Mikayla, a three-year-old girl suffering from Schizencephaly, septo-optic dysplasia. Mikayla loves the Snoezelen Room at Rogers house. It's her favourite place in the world. Wish granters wanted to recreate this atmosphere in Mikayla's bedroom for her to enjoy each and every day.

In June 2015 Mikayla's room under went quite the transformation. During...

Oliver's wish to have a playroom makeover

Oliver, five, who suffers from Aplastic Anemia, wished for a playroom makeover. Make-A-Wish Eastern Ontario teamed up with Pita Pit in Kingston and Rope for Hope Ambassador Mackenzie, who adopted Oliver's wish!

It was two days of fun and excitement, as Oliver's family was sent off to be spoiled on...

Gabriel's wish to have an outdoor oasis

Gabriel, also known as "Babi," is a seven-year-old boy suffering from a brain tumor.

When we went to go meet Gabriel a few weeks back he said in a soft voice. “I would really love to go outside. I only get to go outside if my mom is taking me to the hospital.”


Briana's wish to have a London themed movie room

When wish granters first met Briana she had been in isolation for several months and still had many to go. She discussed that she absolutely loved watching movies and would love to have a place to call her own to just be able to hangout and forget about everything.


Luca's Wish to Have a Snoezelen Room

Luca is a  seven-year-old boy suffering from a brain trauma. Luca loves lights and sound and wished to have his very own Snoezelen (multi-sensory) room.

On March 4, 2016, Make-A-Wish alongside the Dymon Storage crew transformed an empty room into a relaxing Snoezelen paradise. The reaction on Luca's face was...

Dakota's wish to have a Paw Patrol bedroom makeover

Dakota is a 3-year-old boy suffering from epilepsy. Dakota is absolutely fascinated with cartoons but especially Paw Patrol.

Make-A-Wish called up the Dymon Storage crew and told them “Dakota needs us!”, and of course, they were happy to help. “No job is too big and no pups are too small!”

On March...

Maci's wish to have a princess room

Maci is a three-year-old girl suffering from Phalen McDermid Syndrome. When wish granters first met Maci at Rogers House their hearts melted to see the sparkle in her eyes when she smiled.

Maci's room became a beautiful princess oasis. A princess mural set the tone for this gorgeous fairlytale room, and  Maci was surprised with a...

Fabiola's Wish to Have a Room Makeover

Fabiola is an energetic 14-year-old girl who enjoys fashion, dancing and playing her guitar. She is very much an everyday teenager, except for her daily battle with a hematologic disorder. Fabiola’s wish was to have a room makeover so that she could be more comfortable in her favorite space and...