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Brendan's wish to go have some fun on all the rides at Walt Disney World ®!

Brendan was recently diagnosed with Duchesne Muscular Dystrophy.   His wish was to go visit all the different theme parks in Florida with his family.  Go and enjoy all the rides and have lots of fun!

Last September we surprised Brendan at his birthday party with the news that his wish was coming...

Zoe's Wish to go to Disney World!

  • Wish child Zoe

Zoe is an incredible and dynamic 8-year-old...

Hamza's Wish to go to Disney World® With His Family!

  • Wish child Hamza

Hamza is a smart and well-mannered 5-year boy. He loves to play with cars and he is very passionate about dinosaurs. He can tell you all about...

Joshua's Wish to go see the Tigers at the Zoo!

  • Wish child Joshua

8-year-old Joshua is a brave little man who has gone through so much because...

Logan's wish to go visit Winer the dolphin!

Logan is a resilient and very brave 10-year-old boy living with a genetic disorder. Logan has gone through numerous hospital admissions and follow up appointments since being...

Alexanne's Wish to go to Walt Disney World Resort!

  • Wish child Alexanne at her wish reveal

Alexanne, age 7, has Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome which effects Alexanne’s function in mobility and speech. Alexanne’s wish was to go to Walt Disney World Resort®! Alexanne, her parents, and her brother were brought to Gowling WLG offices where they had a fun surprise waiting for them!

Alexanne was surprised with a...

Saphirra's Wish to go to Disney World!

  • Wish child Saphirra dressed as a princess

Saphirra is an adorable 5-year-old girl who was diagnosed with brain cancer when she was 2. Saphirra loves to sing, dance, and play make believe. She also loves spending time with her sister Rayne who was the greatest big sister when she was going through her treatments.

When it came time to...

Rio's Wish to go to Jamaica!

  • Wish child Rio and his parents

Rio was born with a rare metabolic disorder. Both Rio's balance and his speech are affected by his disorder, but he is very clever at overcoming any obstacles in his way. He uses a walker to help him with his balance for walking and his speech is improving every day....

Wyatt's Wish to go to Walt Disney World!

  • Wish child Wyatt on his trip with his family

Wyatt is a 4-year-old boy who lives with brainstem dysgenesis. Between the early stages of life, in utero, there was a disruption of blood flow along his brainstem that has caused the nuclei in his brain to develop abnormally, because of this he can't open his mouth, he is 100%...

Elizabeth's Wish to go to The GRAMMY Awards!

  • Wish child Elizabeth on the red carpet at the Grammys

Elizabeth is a 12-year-old girl who lives with a genetic disorder which affects her heart, growth,  and kidneys, amongst other effects to her body. Elizabeth’s wish was the go to the GRAMMYs®!

On December 4th Elizabeth was invited to speak on the New HOT 8.99 morning show. During the show...