Ahmad's wish to go to Disney World!

Ahmad is a sweet 4-year-old boy who was diagnosed with a Neurometabolic disorder at birth.  Because of this disorder, Ahmad is unable to walk, feed himself and playing with his toys.  Even though Ahmad has many health problems, it doesn’t prevent him to be a very happy little guy and enjoying quality time with his sibling and family.    

Ahmad loves spending time watching his favorites Disney characters and movies, it brings him lots of joy. He also enjoys musical activities and festive environment.  

For his wish, Ahmad’s family thought a trip to Orlando to visit the many theme parks would be an amazing wish experience for him.  Last November, Ahmad’s wish came to fruition.  He spent a fabulous week at Give Kids the World Village with his parents and his two siblings.  They enjoyed all the activities at the village and they visited the many local theme parks.  Ahmad and his family had truly a magical week in Orlando and they are very grateful for this memorable wish experience!

Special thanks to Playing It Forward For Wishes for adopting Ahmad’s wish!  

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