Alexis' wish to go to Walt Disney World® Resort

Five-year-old Alexis was diagnosed with Panhypopituitarism when he was only a few months old and has been to the hospital emergency room 21 times since his birth. When we met Alexis, we noticed that he's a very sweet and happy boy with a beautiful smile. He likes big trucks, tractors, animals, learning new things, playing hockey and watching videos of Mickey Mouse and his friends.   

Alexis's most cherished wish was to go to Walt Disney World® Resort. He was especially excited about getting to take an airplane ride and to visit Mickey Mouse and Buzz Lightyear. 

Alexis's wish came true when he and his family were whisked away in a limousine to catch a flight to Orlando, Florida. The told us that the plane ride was perfect! They then spent a magical week at Give Kids the World Village where they said they were treated like gold. They got to visit Disney World as well as other theme parks. One of the highlights of the trip was when Alexis had a special meet and greet with Buzz Lightyear. His family had never seen him so excited!

Alexis and his family want to thank everyone from the bottom of their hearts for their memorable dream trip of a lifetime.

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