Alex's wish to have a computer

Alex, 16, is confined to a wheelchair. He loves to listen to music and watch movies. Most of all, he enjoys using a voice command computer at his school that he works with all day.

Alex’s most cherished wish was to have a personal computer just like the one he uses at school, to help him stay in touch with his friends!

Thanks to Sony’s partnership with Make-A-Wish, Alex’s wish came true. Alex’s occupational therapist was very helpful with recommendations on software and games. Alex received a new touch-screen computer similar to the one he uses at school that was equipped with all the necessary accessories and voice recognition software. He also received a new MP3 player so he could listen to his favourite music.

Alex’s family is very grateful to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and to Sony Canada for this great gift.

“It is the best wish ever that could have been granted to Alex. He is happier and constantly smiling,” says Alex's mother.

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