Ava's wish to go to Walt Disney World Resort!

Ava is a 6-year-old girl who had a renal transplant and her wish was to go on a vacation to Walt Disney World Resort®! Ava loves everything Disney! From the princesses, princes, castles, magic and happily ever afters!

Ava’s wish journey began in 2015 when she was referred to the foundation one year after her transplant. After undergoing some health treatment to help this Super Girl get better she was given the green light to experience the Power of a Wish!

The Students for Wishes in Kingston organized a wish announcement celebration at Ava’s favourite restaurant East Side Mario’s. Ava was told to pack her bags and that she would be leaving in two weeks for Disney World! Ava was all smiles and giggles as she enjoyed her wish party at the restaurant surrounded by her friends and family.

On October 8th, 2017 Ava and her family left for Florida to go stay at Give Kids the World Resort®! A family member of Ava’s said that she was over the moon about going on this trip! Ava had a blast with her family in the beautiful Give Kids the World Village, and at all the theme parks at Disney World! “Ava could not have been more excited to go on this trip, she doesn’t get to travel often so for this wish to come true is fantastic!”

Thank you everyone who helped make Ava’s wish come true. Give Kids the World, Westjet, Via Rails, Sony, TuGo insurance and Disney World!

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