Bailey's wish to meet Rick Allen from Def Leppard

Bailey suffered a stroke when he was only six years old and lost the use of his left arm as a result.

During his recovery, Bailey watched a movie about Rick Allen, drummer for the famous rock band Def Leppard. Bailey was very inspired by Rick Allen, who lost his left arm after a car accident, but overcame his handicap to pursue his passion and keep playing drums. Bailey also learned to play drums with one arm, and wanted more than anything to meet and thank the man who helped him overcome his own disability.

Bailey's wish came true when he went to Montreal with his family to meet Rick Allen before a concert. Rick and Bailey talked as if they already knew each other. They discussed school, music, the future and all that life has to offer. After that meeting with his hero, Bailey knew that everything is possible.

Bailey's mom told us: "Thank you so much for making Bailey's wish come true. He was so happy to meet Rick Allen, he will never forget that wonderful day!"

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