Binh and Phuoc's wish to go to Walt Disney World Resort

Binh and Phuoc, three, who have Alagille Syndrome, wished to go to Disney World to meet Elsa. 

The girls were adopted from Vietnam in 2012 and both twins underwent liver transplants in early 2015. They are part of a large and loving family, with seven siblings who have shared their journey.

Their wish trip represents an end to a year of great struggles but also great victories. As Mom puts it, “Let’s not sugar-coat it, we have been through quite the year. But in hind-sight, it has been a wonderfully successful one.” The family relished the opportunity to soak up the sun, feel the magic of Disney and simply enjoy time with each other, away from the routine of a busy life at home.

Going to Disney brought a feeling of excitement for the whole family, and Binh and Phuoc’s memories of hugging their favourite princesses will help them through any challenges they may face in the future.

Special thanks to Give Kids The World and Bermuda Limousine, and thank you to our wonderful friends at Sony and TuGo!

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