Briana's wish to have a London themed movie room

When wish granters first met Briana she had been in isolation for several months and still had many to go. She discussed that she absolutely loved watching movies and would love to have a place to call her own to just be able to hangout and forget about everything.

Briana spent her 13th birthday at her grandmother's without a clue that her basement was being transformed into a London themed theatre room. The theatre included a projector, screen and had theatre style seats and was stocked with a movie popcorn machine, cotton candy machine and much more!

Once the clock struck 4:30 p.m., the time had arrived for the big reveal. As soon as Briana came down the stairs and opened the door she was speechless. Something mom and dad do not see often. She stood there observing everything wondering how this all happened. After about 15 minutes, Briana was her old self again walking around the room noticing every little detail and commenting on everything she saw in the room. She could not believe her eyes. “This is much more than I could have ever imagined!” said Briana. Absolutely amazing!

"Briana had a friend over the following weekend after the reveal... She really enjoyed it!!! We have also enjoyed it as a family. We pretty much have pizza and a movie followed by popcorn every Friday. We can't thank you enough for all your hard work in fulfilling Briana's wish. We hope you know just how much we appreciate the time you have taken for our Briana to make her happy and feel extremely special," said Briana's mom.  

Thank you to Sony & Multi Source Electric for making Briana's wish a reality!

A special thank you to Tysen's Mission to a Million for adopting Briana's wish and helping to make her dream a reality!

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