Caitlin's wish to have a hot tub!

Caitlin is a 7-year-old girl who lives with recurrent respiratory papillomatosis and her wish was to have a hot tub! Caitlin is a strong spirited, cheerful and kind-hearted young girl who loves to eat pizza!

Caitlin’s wish came true on November 21st, 2017 where she was greeted at her school by her family, friends and classmates standing in front of a limo! She was taken back home with her family to see that her wish had come true! She was greeted with a brand new hot tub on the porch of the family’s house. Caitlin immediately threw on her bathing suit and then enjoyed her first dip in the hot tub with her friends! Caitlin was also treated to a pizza party buffet!

Caitlin’s mom had this to say of the event, “It was the most amazing experience that any child and any child’s parents could ever experience. Seeing Caitlin receive the wish of her dreams was just so wonderful – I’m still crying just thinking about it! There’s no better experience than to see your child receive something so special.”

Thank you to Pizza Hut & AAA limousine and coach.

Special thank you to Blok Pools and Spa for adopting Caitlin’s wish and going above and beyond to help make her wish come true!

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