Campbell's wish to have a sidecar

Campbell suffers from Cerebral Palsy, is blind and deaf, and his wish was to have a motorcycle sidecar.

Campbell loves his dad's motorcycle. His Dad will often start the motor and seat Campbell on the bike so he can sense the vibration and energy. His parents take Campbell to activities that involve a large gathering of motorcycles so he can enjoy feeling the rumbling of the engines.

Family and friends joined Students for Wishes Carleton to celebrate and reveal Campbell's wish - a beautiful new sidecar on his dad's bike! Campbell will now be able to enjoy the experience of riding with his dad surrounded by the vibrations from the motorcycle's engine and with the wind in his hair.

Students for Wishes Carleton arranged a delicious meal, a cake, and all kinds of Harley Davison and bike related gifts for Campbell including a very cool helmet.

Cambell's parents were extremely grateful and told us, "Thank you for such an excellent experience. When we got home Campbell enjoyed the side car in our driveway. This wish will bring pure joy for Campbell."


Special thanks to Students for Wishes Carleton for adopting Campbell's wish and helping to make his wish day such a great event.

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