Carson's wish to go to Walt Disney World Resorts!

Carson is a nine-year-old boy living with plexiform neurofibroma. He has many inoperable malignant brain tumors and spends many days at the hospital. When wish granters met Carson he really wanted for him and his family to go to Walt Disney World Resort. 

While Carson was waiting for his wish to be granted, he and his mom fundraised to be able to grant another child's wish. This past summer, this remarkable young man raised the funds to adopt Cody’s Lego Playhouse. He even came to help decorate!

Carson's wish was revealed in November during the Make-A-Wish Gala Masquerade Ball with the help of Scooby Doo. He and his family were going to Walt Disney World Resort and leaving the very next day!

The family had a magical vacation and made many memories that will last a lifetime.

Thank you to Give Kids The World, Sony, WestJet and TuGo Insurance.

Special thank you to Play it Forward for Wishes for adopting his wish and helping to make Carson's dream a reality!


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