Cephas's wish to swim with sharks in Hawaii!

Cephas is an 18-year-old boy suffering from Sickle Cell. When we met Cephas at the first visit we could tell right away that he has a passion for travels and he also had a daring side to him. He really wanted to go experience all the beauty of Hawaii. On the top of his list was to swim with sharks. Scary for most but not for this young man!

In October 2016, Cephas and his family were whisked away in a white limousine and greeted by a WestJet representative at the Ottawa airport. He then met the pilot and got to sit In the big seat. This was the beginning of Cephas' marvelous experience!

Upon his arrival to Hawaii, he experienced a traditional Hawaiian greeting with a Fresh Island Lei and driven to the Sheraton where he would spend the next week treated like royalty!

First on the agenda was parasailing. He enjoyed an exciting para sail ride with his mother and father. They floated 300 feet above the ocean! Let's not forget when in Hawaii, one must learn how to surf. Cephas had an amazing time with this challenge which left him mostly off the board and in the ocean.

The adventure continued with some zip lining. Cephas made a life long friend with the guide. this three-hour guided zip line tour that includes Oahu’s longest zip lines. Along the way, Cephas learned about Hawaii’s rich history and culture while taking in constant panoramic ocean and mountain views of Oahu’s famous. Now for some snorkeling at Hanamuna Bay to see all the magnificent sea creatures.

To finish off the week, Cephas and his dad went swimming with sharks. Lowered into the ocean in a steel cage, Cephas was surrounded by these amazing species!

Thank you to WestJet, Sony, TuGo and Make-A-Wish Hawaii for helping make this wish come true!

Special thank you to Play It Forward for Wishes for adopting Cephas' wish.



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