Cody's wish to have a Lego Playhouse

Cody, 11, is a bright, engaging boy who simply loves to build with Lego. He also lives with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. 

From the first time Make-A-Wish volunteer wish granters met with Cody and his family, it was clear that Lego would be a prominent factor in his wish. Cody’s wish was to have a special place to build Lego, a place that he could hang out and enjoy time with his family and friends.

Cody’s mother, Sarah, was simply excited at the thought of walking through the house without stepping on Lego!

Many people helped to make Cody’s wish a reality, all without him knowing what was being planned. On the day of the reveal, Cody was welcomed as a guest at Legoland Toronto, alongside family and a couple of friends. He was so excited! 

After Legoland everyone headed off for the long drive home, where he arrived with a blindfold over his eyes. Imagine his surprise to see a fabulous cedar shed had been built in his absence and filled with all sorts of Lego-themed memorabilia!

Cody was awestruck, proclaiming how excited he was to have his very own Lego Cave.  

After all of the excitement died down, Cody and his brother Dillon slept on the Lego Cave’s fold out couch - the first of many nights. Cody was very grateful for this wonderful wish.

Thank you to Home Depot Belleville, Hawg's Catering, Sony and all the volunteers.

Special thank you to County Bus Service Limited for adopting Cody's wish and making his dreams come true!

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