Cole's wish to go on a Disney Cruise Line Cruise

Cole is a sweet and spunky six-year-old boy suffering from Cardiomyopathy. This chatty outgoing little guy enjoys playing with friends and visiting people and places. Cole's favorite hobbies are playing with cars and Lego. We can't forget to mention his love for Mickey,  hockey and motorbikes.

When his mom asked him what he wished for, he said: “Cole's wish is to take the Disney Cruise. I have always wanted to go on a big boat, go far away and see lots of places. Most of all I want to play in Mickey's pool and the big slide and meet a lot of characters."

The revealing of his wish took place at a showing of The Lego Movie. He was thrilled and even tried to convince everyone that he would be driving the boat.

Cole's Parents were deeply touched by the generosity of the people who donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, who ultimately made his dream come true.

Special thank you to Play it Forward for Wishes for adopting Cole's wish and making his dream a reality!

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