Dwayne's wish to have an electronic gaming room

Dwayne, six, sickle cell, wished to have an electronic gaming room!

When we first met Dwayne he was very excited to let us know that he wanted a playroom with all kinds of electronics. "I love to build computers just like Bill Gates," Dwayne said. He also added that he would like some gaming gear.

In two days, with the help of many people in the community, Dwayne’s basement was transformed into a beautiful gaming oasis.

More than 400 of Dwayne's schoolmates surprised him outside of his school. They were all chanting his name as he walked through the long line of students leading all the way down the hallway, outside and around the building. The path led Dwayne to a big stretch limo that took him to surprise number two.

The limo took Dwayne to a park where he discovered a Dune racer just for him! Next, Dwayne, along with friends and family enjoyed themselves at the park followed by a pizza party. This kept him busy while final touches of the transformation were taking place. 

The time finally arrived for the big reveal. As soon as he came down the stairs Dwayne started yelling and jumping around! He went from one thing to another taking in every part of the room. His eyes glimmered with excitement as he went from surprise to surprise. This little guy will be busy for a while with all of his new stuff!


Thank you to everyone that helped make this wish come true.

Thank you to Sony for all the beautiful electronics.

A special thank you to Tysen's Mission to a Million for adopting Dwayne's wish and helping to make his dream a reality!

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