Eliana's Wish to meet Tinkerbell!

Eliana is a three-year-old little girl suffering from a blood disorder. When we met with Eliana at our office she was full of life, talking with everyone she met.

Her wish was adopted by Orpheus who revealed her wish in a very special way. Orpheus Invited Eliana and family to their theatre and did a special princess play that announced that her wish to meet Tinkerbell would come true.

In July 2016 Eliana and family started their adventure in Orlando. The family had a phenomenal wish trip. Here's a little word from the family.

"It was incredible! More than incredible, it was the most amazing trip we could have ever asked for and we are so humbled and thankful for everything. From start to finish everyone was amazing. WestJet went above and beyond on all of our flights and met us everywhere and helped us with everything. They brought us onto the flight decks and showed us around in addition to making announcements about Eliana’s wish trip. The pilots, flight attendants and all staff were incredible. We couldn’t have been treated better and we are so thankful for the ease of it all because travelling with a toddler and a preschooler is not easy! Give Kids the World is the most humbling and inspiring place I have ever been in my entire life. I cried for the first two days there, from happiness and amazement at the generosity, kindness, respect and love they exude constantly. The volunteers there are amazing, and they sure know how to make life easy and fun for the Wish families.

We will never forget our trip, and we are so humbled by the entire experience we are planning ways we can give back to them. We have decided once Dan retires from the military we will become snow birds and live in Kissimmee and volunteer at GKTW. That is the least we can do to show our gratitude. I also want to volunteer for Make-a-Wish and have no idea if I can do that now living so far from the chapter (if there is anything I can even do from Petawawa) or if I have to wait a few years until we’re posted and closer to a MAW chapter. I have never cried so much from happiness in my life. I cannot believe the generosity from Make-a-Wish and Give Kids The World. To see that many people loving, caring and wishing positive thoughts and prayers for our family- it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed. Eliana is blessed to have been so spoiled, and recognized for the uphill battle she fights on a daily basis with her Neutropenia. For once we felt normal, and I can tell you, it’s been a long time since we’ve felt that way. Eliana loved every minute of being a “wish kid.” She was so excited to meet Tinkerbell in Pixie Hollow, and when we got there she was playing 500 questions with Tink. It’s a good thing she knew her Pixie Hollow facts because Ellie wouldn’t stop asking about obscure Tinkerbell facts and it was quite humorous to hear Tinkerbell navigate the answers. I was impressed. Ellie, unfortunately, didn’t want to smile for the photos - and so there are more than enough silly, scrunchie face photos than real smiles. That went for all the princesses. She was very excited to meet Princess Aurora, as she is her favourite princess. That one we got a real smile! We had a blast, and I am so thankful to you all. Thank you, thank you, thank you. My heart is so full, and I am ready to move forward accepting the next challenges Ellie will face in her Neutropenia. October we are having more testing done, and I know Ellie’s bravery is refilled after a trip like that!" 

- Eliana's family

Thank you Give Kids the World, WestJet, Sony and TuGo Insurance.

Special Thank you to Orpheus for adopting Eliana's wish and helping make her wish come true!


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