Ella Marie's Wish to meet Moana!

Ella Marie is a sweet and adorable 3-year-old girl who is all about princess, dance and dressing up!  Some of her favorite activities include swimming, playing hide & seek and going to the Disney store. Ella-Marie also enjoys watching Disney movies, Moana is her all-time favorite and she loves listening to the soundtrack.   So, it was no surprise that her number one wish was to meet Moana!


Ella’s wish granters surprised her with a special celebration at her favorite restaurant with family and friends.  It was decorated with balloons and princess placemats and two beautiful princesses came into the room to surprise her.  Ella got to dance and have dinner with the princesses.  After dinner, Ella received a special video message from Moana inviting her to visit her at the theme park in Florida.


Last November, Ella Marie and her family were flown to Orlando to spend a worry-free week of family loving time at Give the World Village.  Ella Marie’ s wish came true and she met Moana!  Thank you to Give Kids the World, Disney World ®, WestJet Cares for Kids, TUGO and SCCF. Many thanks to everyone who made Ella Marie’s wish come true!

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