Emily's wish to have a creative gaming space!

Emily is a courageous and resilient 9-year-old girl who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in January 2016.  She had to go through  many treatments, surgery and rehabilitation. Emily’s favorite hobby is gaming. She also enjoys watching you tube video and she loves to draw.  Her favorite colors are purple and blue, and her favorite candies are lollipops, Kit Kat and sour gummies.  Emily’s number one wish was to have a creative gaming space in her basement because gaming is fun for her and her brother.   

Last October Emily was surprised at the EB Game conference that her wish was coming true. It was an incredible experience for the whole family.  With the help of volunteers, Emily’s creative gaming space was created in her basement. Emily was extremely appreciative and couldn’t stop thanking everyone for the best wish ever!  

Emily’s family “This wish is giving Emily a space to escape and just be a kid and have nothing to worry. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Thank you to the Dymon storage staff for helping put the room together. Special thanks to EB Games for adopting Emily’s wish.

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