Ethan's wish to go to New York

Ethan is a  12-year-old boy suffering from a brain tumor. His wish was to go to New York and experience what the Big Apple had to offer.

Ethan was surprised at the Make-A-Wish Gala in November 2015 and it was revealed that his wish would come true. That being said, Ethan was whisked away by limo to the airport a couple days later. He and his family were off to New York City. 

"We have tried quite a few times to put into words our thankfulness for all that you have done for us. It was such an extraordinary trip... one our family will NEVER forget! New York City was an incredible experience for all of us. Ethan, Maya and Dharma were amazed at all this city had to offer. The statue of liberty on the first day was amazing. Even though it was cold, the experience was one of family bonding. We have never done sightseeing as a family, like that, and it is something we still talk about. As for Ethan's favourite parts of the trip, the Lion King was truly one of the most memorable moments. I think part of the reason for this is that he never expected to appreciate a Broadway show. He really didn't know what to expect... but as soon as the show started, we were all surrounded by the brilliance of the show. The actors, in their amazing costumes surrounded us as the marched to the stage. The music was powerful and the show was completely enthralling. After the show, we were brought backstage... amazing. Timone showed us around and Ethan, Maya and Dharma all got to wear hyena costumes. We also met the actor that played Mufasa and Nala. The people were all so nice, but the show was what completely floored us with its brilliance. After the show, we also had a great night. Typical of our trip, really, walking the streets of NYC was always amazing... each day we made our way to a different comic book store. In all, Ethan got to see 6 separate comic book stores. His favourite was The Forbiden.

Planet and Midtown Comics in Times Square (this is the one we went to after the Lion King --- such a memorable night). We also did a tour of the Avengers Exhibition. That was so much fun. We got to see a whole bunch of marvel comics special effects type exhibits... test our strengths against each of the Avengers and do cool stuff with SHIELD equipment... fun stuff. Finally, Ethan's other favourite event was the basketball game itself. It was awesome to see some of the best players in the world and both teams played very well. We were all really impressed by the Knicks fans. They were funny and really nice people. Ethan says it was really awesome, too, that we were able to catch a Knicks T-shirt from the T-shirt cannons. Also, Todd lost his wallet at the game, but the next day, when we came back, the security staff had it waiting for him!!! Incredible! Consider him a Knick fan, for life The New York City trip reminded us all how important it is to make time for each other and to make the most of the time we have together. We get so wrapped up in making ends meet that we forget why we are doing it all. The time we spent in NYC was the best kind of gift our family could have had during this most trying time. We are struggling with so many things, especially making time to do stuff together and making the time we have meaningful... this trip was all of that... we got to see the world. We got to see one of the most amazing cities in the world. And we did it together. It is a shared memory we will always have. Thank you so much for this. It truly was a most incredible and invaluable experience for us all.”

- Ethan's mom


Thank you Make-A-Wish, Travel Underwriter, Sony, Westjet and New York City for making this experience memorable for Ethan!

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