Grace's wish to be a Princess

Grace is a very quiet and sweet five-year-old girl from Ottawa who suffers from Sickle cell disease, a genetic disorder that decreases the number of red blood cells, or hemoglobin, in the blood. Grace can lighten up a room with her smile and sparkles in her eyes! Two of Grace's four siblings also suffer from life threatening medical conditions so Grace's wish became a much-needed break from the worries they usually face. 

Grace had wished to be a Princess for the day... and that she was! This Princess was riding in style in her own white stretched limousine. Her magical day included a Princess makeover, a tea party, a shopping spree full of toys, candies and clothes and ended with the Disney Three Classical Wish presentation at Scotiabank Place. What more can a princess want?!

Her wish granter says that Grace had been pretty reserved and very quiet on previous visits. However, on her wish day, she glowed and smiled the entire time. 

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