Hudson's family adventure to Disney World!

Hudson is a sweet little boy who has already gone through so much in his short little life because of his illness. He has a terminal disease that will take away everything he once knew. Ability to talk and walk.  Hudson loves to play with trucks and blocks, he enjoys watching the Wiggles, the Disney channel and Treehouse TV. He also likes to watch hockey with his family, the Pittsburg’s Penguins are his family’s favorite team.  Hudson’s wish was to go to Disney World with his family to have lots of fun and create some amazing memories.

Last October Hudson’s wish came true and his family experienced a trip of a lifetime!  “We cannot begin to thank you enough for the life-changing trip you provided our family.  Give Kids the World Village demonstrated love, compassion and so much kindness to us all.  It was a place that brought our children so much laughter and smiles.  Hudson and his sisters loved the rides, games, entertainment and swam for hours.  Not to mention the ice cream and milkshakes at any time during the day.  The trips to theme parks were beyond anything we could have dreamed.   It’s because of you we saw Hudson do things we have never seen before... like when he saw Poppy from the movie Trolls, he actual went to her and leaned in for a hug.  He doesn’t initiate affection, so this was truly was a beautiful moment for us.  Hudson also experienced the fireworks.  In the past, Hudson would show no interest in these however he watched the entire fireworks show in my arms in “awe”.  I would have to say that evening was one of the most emotional times during our trip for all of us... we were all in tears!  This Wish was a blessing for our family and we can’t say thank you enough.

 I can say for the first time since Hudson’s diagnosis three years ago, the trip you gave us allowed me to just live each day knowing our children were going to laugh and have fun.  I knew for one whole week that regardless of the disease and the busyness of our day to day lives, all of us would just enjoy each other and create memories beyond what we could have even imagined.

Thank you from the bottom our hearts for this trip!  And thank you for allowing Shawn and I to see the pure childlike joy in our children’s faces!

Special thanks to Playing It Forward For Wishes for adopting Hudson’s wish!

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