Jackson's Wish to Have a Custom Bike

Jackson is a nine-year-old boy from Ottawa who absolutely loves the Brown Bear, Brown Bear book. He also loves spending time with his family. Jackson suffers from Orphan Genetic Disorder, Autism, Epilepsy and is visually impaired.

One of his family’s favourite activities is to bike. Jackson is limited physically by his medical conditions and is unable to use a normal bicycle, so for his wish, he received a custom bike from Motion Specialties.

All of Jackson’s awesome neighbours threw a block party in honour of his big Wish Day. When he saw his bike move for the first time, he was so excited that he dropped his copy of Brown Bear, Brown Bear that he is always glued to and focused on the bike.

Neighbours organized a group bike ride to celebrate the arrival of Jackson’s new wheels and made him feel like part of the gang. His sister thanked the Make-A-Wish staff for making it possible for her brother to ride alongside her.

Thank you to everyone who made Jackson’s wish a reality!

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