Jasmine's wish to have a gaming lounge!

16-year-old Jasmine is a very kind and generous person with her free time, she loves to help others. She likes to play basketball and video games.  Jasmine is also a very accomplish pianist and has won numerous trophies.  Back in May 2017, Jasmine was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. It was a very difficult time, but she kept a very positive and amazing attitude through it all with the strong support of her family and friends. 

Jasmine is now in remission and her wish was to have a gaming lounge. She chose this wish because it would make her happy and she could share it with her family and friends. They were by her side through it all and there is nothing more important to her than family and friends.   Last August, Jasmine received the news that her wish was coming true.  It was a complete surprise for her, she was speechless and so happy to see how many people were there to support her.  In December Jasmine’s new space was created. 

Jasmine and her parents are truly grateful to everyone that made her wish come true!   
Special thanks to Cedrick Gauthier and Jeremi Lapierre for their amazing support and for adopting Jasmine’s wish.

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