Jedidiah's wish to go to Walt Disney World Resort!

Jedidiah is an eight-year-old sweet loving boy living with Cerebral Palsy. He loves listening to music and playing musical games. His one true wish was to go to Walt Disney World Resort to swim under the nice warm sun, which Jedidiah loves. He also wanted to meet some of his favorite Disney characters!

In February 2017, Jedi's wish was revealed at his school surrounded by all his classmates, family and friends. Thomas D'Arcy McGee Catholic Elementary School greeted them with a warm welcome and helped celebrate the joyous occasion. There was laughter and tears as it was announced that Jedi's wish to go to Walt Disney World Resort for his ninth birthday would come to fruition!

Later that month, Jedi and his family were greeted by a WestJet representative at the Ottawa International Airport. This is when the magic started to happen.

Jedi had an incredible Walt Disney World trip. He had so much fun at all the amusement parks enjoying the lights, sounds and especially the rides. He had a chance to meet all his favourite characters, swim under the sun and eat lots of ice cream! The family truly had the time of their lives!

"Thank you so much for this beautiful experience. Jedi would wake me up every morning to get going. We had so much fun. Thank you! Thank you!"

- Sabrina, Jedi's mom.

Thank you Give Kids the World, WestJet, Sony and TuGo.

A special thank you to Play It Forward for Wishes for adopting Jedidiah's wish and making his wish come true!

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