Katie's wish to go to the beach with her family

Six-year-old Katie was born with congenital heart disease. In her short life, she has already undergone three open-heart surgeries. Katie is an adorable, energetic and very confident little girl. Family is very important to Katie and her most cherished wish was to spend a week at the beach with her family, including her grampy and nanny who she doesn’t get to see very much because her dad is in the military.

Katie's mom told us it was so nice to see her daughter as a whole different child, full of life and excited to begin her adventure. During the week-long wish trip, Katie enjoyed lots of carefree time with her whole family, and she was so happy to be able to swim all day long.

“As a mom, it was so nice to see Katie dancing and singing with other children and having a good time,” Katie's mom said.

The family made their most cherished memories at Ocean World where Katie just was just shining with excitement. She got to meet dolphins and was chosen to be part of a show where lovebirds landed on her head and she received a kiss from a sea lion!

Katie's family was so thankful for the whole experience: “It really was a trip to remember and for that, we thank all of you for giving our family these memories that will last is a life time. Thank you all!”

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