Keira's Disney World wish came true!

Keira is a sweet little seven years old girl who suffers from a nervous system disorder. Keira contracted bacterial meningitis at 15 months old. There were a number of side effects resulting from the meningitis, including a severe brainstem stroke.
What Keira’s family had hoped would be a hospital stay of a few weeks, and one that Keira would not remember, turned into an over six months stay at CHEO as Keira faced a number of challenges following the stroke. Her breathing, vision, speech, hearing and motor skills were all impacted.   She worked incredibly hard to overcome, to rehabilitate and to triumph despite so many odds against her.  During this time, she continued to inspire her family, her friends and the medical community with her innate desire to spread happiness and joy.

Today, Keira is seven years old. She uses a walker and a wheelchair to help her with mobility, and she has made great strides in regaining her speech. She has had several surgeries and will have more down the road. She continues to work hard to rehabilitate, this is something she does every day, and will do for the rest of her life.
But, most importantly, she continues to spread love and happiness wherever she goes offering hugs, a hand to hold and testing out her friendly wit as often as she can.

In July 2019, Keira in her family arrived at the Playing it forward for Wishes “Fun Day” at the Metcalf Golf Course. The Playing Forward for Wishes group surprised this little princess with the exciting news that her wish to go to Disney World would come true!!

In October 2019, Keira’s wish to meet Princesses Anna and Elsa came true. The family arrived at the Ottawa airport by and were greeted by wonderful WestJet representatives that treated her like Royalty. She was on her way to Disney World!

 “Our family will forever be abundantly grateful to Make-A-Wish, Play It Forward for Wishes and Give the Kids the World for showing Keira that life really is magical, that dreams do come true and that nothing is more important than spending time with those whom you love. Keira’s story includes times of heartbreak, hardship and pain, but these are by far outweighed by times of joy. Her wish to meet Anna and Elsa coming true is representative of that. Thank you Make-A-Wish” -Emma (Keira’s mom)

Thank you Give Kids the World, Disney World, WestJet, TuGo Insurance, Sony, Special thank you to Playing It Forward for Wishes for adopting her wish and making this little 7-year-old wish come true!!

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