Lilly's wish to go on a Disney Cruise!

Lily is a 6-year-old girl who was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma. Lily is a fan of Disney Princesses and movies especially Frozen! Her favourite character is Olaf.

Although Lily likes this frozen themed movie, her wish was to go on a warm and sunny Disney Cruise® with her family, which sticks true to Olaf’s biggest wish of being able to experience summer! Lily had her wish reveal party hosted at Derick’s Pancake Day at Sucrerie Du Ruban where she was surrounded by family and friends and was given the exciting news that she would be leaving soon to go on a Disney Cruise with her mom, dad, and sister!

Lily and her family left on December 3rd, 2017 to experience the Power of a Wish! The family was all smiles and laughs as they made their way to board the ship to leave for the cruise. During the cruise Lily and her family enjoyed the beautiful weather, the water, and beaches at all the stops that the ship made. Lily also got to meet some of the Disney characters, enjoy the kids club, the pools, and water slides and so many fun activities on the cruise!

We would like to thank Disney Cruise, WestJet, Sony, Hyatt, TuGo insurance and the CHEO team.

Special thank you to Derick’s Pancake Day for adopting her wish and helping make her wish come true!

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