Lincoln's wish to go to Walt Disney World

Lincoln is six years old and has Leukemia. His wish was to go to Walt Disney World® Resort.

As part of his treatment, Lincoln received a bone marrow transplant from his sister. Shortly after that, he caught a virus and had to spend another six weeks in a Montreal hospital, away from his family. It was a very difficult time for Lincoln as he slowly recovered, and very stressful for his family too.

Once Lincoln was stable enough, he was able to make the journey home. Wish granters decided to welcome him back with a fantastic surprise - his friends, neighbours and schoolmates gathered to celebrate and reveal that his wish would come true!

Because Lincoln was still vulnerable to infection, we held the party outside Lincoln's house. Despite the cold temperatures, Lincoln received a very warm welcome from everyone, including the Capital City Garrison - 501st Legion who generously adopted Lincoln's wish and came out in full force to put a smile on his face. They were real troopers to brave the cold in their Star Wars costumes.

Lincoln saw everyone waiting for him. He looked up at his parents with a huge smile and said, "This is awesome. I love being home!"

When the day finally came for Lincoln to leave for Disney World, a big stretch limo came to bring him and his family to the airport. Once they arrived they were greeted by a WestJet representative who helped them board their flight. Lincoln got to visit the cockpit of the plane and he absolutely loved pretending to be a pilot!

Lincoln and his family stayed at Give Kids The World Village and got a special pass that let them skip the lines at Disney World. After they got back the family told us, "Lincoln had an amazing time. He loved everything about the trip. His facial expressions on some of the rides were priceless!"

Thanks to Walt Disney World® Resort, Give Kids The World, Sony and TuGo for helping to make Lincoln's wish possible.

Special thanks to the Capital City Garrison - 501st Legion for adopting Lincoln's wish!

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