Malaky's wish to have cooking lessons with Chef Mickey

Malaky, 8, suffers from Duchene’s Muscular Dystrophy. He is a sweet and happy little guy who is inspired by big brother Mathieu who has the same medical condition. 

Malaky loves Mickey Mouse and enjoys cooking with his family. So when asked about his one true wish, Malaky showed us a picture of Chef Mickey’s Restaurant and asked if he could cook with Mickey at Walt Disney World® Resort.

Together with help from the wonderful people at Walt Disney World® Resort, we arranged for Malaky to experience a truly magical afternoon at Chef Mickey's restaurant. Malaky was made to feel very special. When he arrived, they rolled out the red carpet and had a chef's coat and hat ready for him.  Malaky and Chef Mickey cooked up a delicious meal and celebrated with Malaky's family at the restaurant.

Malaky and family are grateful to everyone that helped make his wish come true! His Mom told us, "Our family needed this and we can't thank you enough!"

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