Mathieu's wish to attend the 2015 Minecon Convention

Thirteen-year-old  Mathieu is a kind and inspiring young man. Mathieu has Duchesne Muscular Dystrophy but he doesn’t let his condition stop him from enjoying his favorite sport and hobbies. 

Mathieu is a talented power wheelchair hockey player and this past summer his team won the silver medal at the Canadian Championship. His other great passion is Minecraft, which is a video game where you build anything you can imagine with blocks. Mathieu's most cherished wish was to go the Minecon Convention for the video game Minecraft.

In early June his magical wish finally came true and a surprise wish reveal was done at his school in front of all his classmates and the school staff. He received a special video message from Lydia from Minecon, announcing his wish on his new Sony tablet!

In July, Mathieu and his mom were flown to London to attend the Minecraft Convention, where there were a total of 12 wish children attending. The Make-A-Wish United Kingdom and the Mojang/Minecon teams did an incredible job and went all out to create a magical wish experience for all of the wish kids. All the wish families bonded with each other throughout the experience. 

"The trip was so amazing, we saw more than our eyes could see. It was everything Mathieu thought it would be and more, thank you," says Mathieu's mom.

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