Matthew's wish to go to Hawaii

Matthew is an 11-year-old boy suffering from Leukemia. We met Matthew a few years ago due to his medical condition we were waiting for the perfect time to grant his wish. Matthew had two years to think of the perfect wish; to visit Hawaii!

Here's a little insist of Matthew's wish through his eyes.

"We had so many highlights which will be treasured memories forever.

Words cannot fully capture what this wish has meant to Matthew's continued improved health. He had to be patient because of his treatment journey, and although he had more than 3 years to consider what he wanted to do with his wish, I can tell you that he was able to happily fulfill many thrilling experiences on his trip to Hawaii.

Here's a summary of Matthew's favourite moments, however, I am finding that it is very hard if not impossible to summarize since the entire trip was a highlight from when Matthew was picked up at his school in a stretch limo until our very last moment on the island!

However, upon speaking with Matthew, he was able to help me in identifying three things that he will treasure forever.

Matthew's favourite things were the numerous times that we went snorkelling and swimming. Picture a kid, who before becoming ill, absolutely loved both swimming and fishing. Well, Matthew's trip to Hawaii was his first real opportunity in three years to be able to swim. We were all in agreement that the day we spent with the group at the Ko Olina Ocean Adventures was fantastic!

We all experienced riding on a very cool zodiac boat with 20 or so other snorkelers, who were driven to an area just off the coast where the Captain searched for a pod of wild dolphins. Sure enough, he located a group of dolphins and dropped us into the water to observe them as they swam about. Then we were able to snorkel in the most temperate, crystal clear, turquoise blue water, and observe a rainbow of fish and creatures as they swam about around a reef 20 feet below. We even saw a shark swimming around the reef! That was an experience which will be carried with all of us going forward.

We also took advantage of the days you left for us without a prepared event. On one of those days, we went snorkelling at a very popular place named Hanauma Bay. This is a shallow bay formed by ancient volcanic activity and is famous for the marine life on display for snorkelers. Once again Matthew had a wonderful experience exploring the reefs as colourful fish hovered around us as we swam about.

Matthew also will never forget his experience deep sea fishing. Thanks again to you for arranging the charter with Whipsaw Deep Sea Fishing. Our family was solo on the boat along with a very friendly Captain and First Mate. Although the waters got choppy, and I got a little sea sick, eventually a fish was hooked and Matthew and his brother Patrick were able to reel in the fish. Matthew caught a 17 pound Wahoo, otherwise known as an "Ono" which means good tasting by the locals. This obviously was a highlight for Matthew who had only ever experienced catching small freshwater fish. Amazing experience.

Matthew's last highlight was that of experiencing the flight inside a helicopter. He had never flown prior to boarding the airplanes which took us to Hawaii. But nothing could compare to the gentile flight, and the swooping turns as the pilot brushed overtop mountains and entered into a lush, green valley, then hovered by an incredibly beautiful waterfall. Amazing experience for all of us.

In closing, I would like to sincerely thank you and everyone at Make-A-Wish Eastern Ontario, and all of your partners who had a hand in making Matthew's wish come true. We were treated first class everywhere we went! Our stay at the Sheraton Waikiki was exceptional! The limo was fantastic! All of the events that you arranged were terrific. Matthew was treated like a rock star by every West Jet employee.

Truly a wonderful experience for all of our family!

We are forever thankful to you for making this happen.


Daril, Diana, Matthew and Patrick Holmes."


Thank you to WestJet, Sony, ToGO insurance and the Hawaii Make-A-Wish chapter for helping make Matthew's wish incredible.

A special thankyou to the Orleans group for adopting Matthew's wish and make his dream a reality!

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