Maude's wish to go swim with dolphins in Atlantis, Bahamas

Maude is a 14-year-old girl living with Cystic Fibrosis. Maude is passionate about dolphins; she draws them, collects them and even writes about them. 

The minute we met we knew what her wish would be. Here is a short letter from Maude herself.

In one word I’d describe my trip as being awesome!

Make-A-Wish did a whole lot to make this trip memorable for my family and me. We left on Friday, May 15th. In the airport in Ottawa, we got on the plane first and met the pilots, take pictures in the cockpit sitting in the pilot’s seat, and some with the co-pilot. That was cool. We were greeted by a WestJet representative in Ottawa, and in Toronto, so we couldn’t get lost. LOL! In the flight from Toronto to the Bahamas, the view was amazing, seeing every island (and the ocean of course!) was breathtaking!

That afternoon, we went to get lunch, and we even saw the shark feeding! Once we got access to the rooms, first thing we did was admire the view… Wow. We were on the 15th floor, had an ocean view, and could see half the resort! It was really nice… We then went to Aquaventure. We all had fun!

Make-A-Wish had bought us all passes to do the Shallow Water Encounter with the dolphins of Dolphin Cay the next morning. So after eating the giant M&M cookie, the hotel had given us, we headed to Dolphin Cay. It was a really cool experience, and we couldn't help but smile while watching and meeting the dolphins.

We had fun over the weekend, we even got to go off the resort and go to ‘Da Fish Fry’ with some friends we made there. We ate the traditional Bahamian meal: Mac & Cheese, cracked conch, rice and beans, and plantain.

On Monday, we took the ferry to Blue Lagoon Island. With the gift money Make-A-Wish had given me, I paid for the Dolphin Swim. Sadly, it rained, but I was in the water for an hour with dolphins, and they loved me! So who cared about the rain! Their names were Soca and Miss Merlin, they were both young moms and their babies were even in the water with us! When Soca was kissing me, she would always refuse to leave… and at one point she randomly popped her head out of the water and gave me a rock! I got to do the ‘foot push’ too! Twice actually… cause I messed up the 1st time. I had the most incredible time there!

We also went to Ben & Jerry's twice... cookie dough ice cream is delicious!

The entire trip was awesome, but we had to leave on the 20th ... the trip home went well.

I made memories that will last a lifetime, and that’s all thanks to Make-A-Wish. I can now think back on those times when I’m feeling down, and it will definitely make me feel better!

Thank you so much!” 

- Maude

Make-A-Wish would like to send a special thank you to Atlantis Resort, WestJet, TuGo Insurance and Sony for making Maude’s wish come true!

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