Max's Wish to go on a family vacation!

Six-year old Max was diagnosed with a form of kidney cancer called Wilm's Tumor when he was four. Max loves drawing superheroes, he also enjoys sports like soccer, tennis and running. Max’s wish was to go on family vacation to a special warm place, a paradise, where he has never been before.   

Max and his dad go to Starbucks and sit at their special table each morning. While they enjoy their time together Max loves to draw superheroes. These Starbucks visit became quite a special place for them. That's when dad took the time to explain what the treatment plan would be for Max. He was very creative using Spider-man and his super powers to describe the process to Max. It was only fitting to have Spider-Man to reveal Max's wish at Starbucks!

Special thanks to the Flight Centre for their generous support, Max’s wish to go to Jamaica came true. Max and his family were taken to the Ottawa airport in a stretch limo and flown to Jamaica to spend a week in a beautiful all-inclusive resort in Montego Bay.  

“We had an amazing week away in Jamaica. The experience was perfect and Max has been raving about it since our return. We can't thank you and your staff enough for all the incredible efforts you put into making this happen.”

- Max's family

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