Melvic's Wish to Have a Gaming Room Makeover!

Melvic is a very happy, energetic and resilient 10-year-old boy. Just before Christmas 2014, Melvic was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia. He had to undergo extensive treatments and he received a bone marrow transplant. Melvic is now in remission and doing well.

Melvic loves sports — soccer and basketball are his favourites. He also enjoys playing video games, listening to music, singing and dancing. When we met with Melvic, he knew exactly what to wish for. His wish was to have a special room where he could play and enjoy all off his favourite activities. With the help and the generous support of the design team at Studio 853, Melvic’s wish came true! What a surprise it was for him when he saw his room. He couldn’t believe his eyes, he loved every part of it.

The family is very grateful to everyone that made Melvic’s wish come true. “When we discovered Melvic’s room, we were all surprised and very happy. The changes (the design and all the furniture) we saw were magical. We didn't recognize the room. The kids were so excited and very happy. We never expected a room like this in our house. It was unbelievable for us."

Special thanks to Studio 853, NJCC Painting, Preston Hardware, Marchand Electric, C and M Textiles Ottawa, SCCF, and Cohen & Cohen for their generous support.

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