Mikayla's wish to have a stimulating princess room

Meet Mikayla, a three-year-old girl suffering from Schizencephaly, septo-optic dysplasia. Mikayla loves the Snoezelen Room at Rogers house. It's her favourite place in the world. Wish granters wanted to recreate this atmosphere in Mikayla's bedroom for her to enjoy each and every day.

In June 2015 Mikayla's room under went quite the transformation. During a period of three full days, with the help of Rhonda & Paul Rushforth along with their team Vic and Ian, Mikayla's room was transformed into a beautiful, relaxing princess snoezelen room. The first day the painting took place, a beautiful pale pink was applied to the wall - the room started to take shape.

The team had built a custom princess bed to suit all of Mikayla's needs. Mikayla was surprised with a new Sony TV to watch all of her princess movies on, a princess dress and some beautiful snoezelen equipment to help stimulate and relax Mikayla. 

The day finally arrived for the big reveal. Mikayla's parents had invited all their friends and family to take part in the big reveal. When the door opened the family couldn’t believe their eyes. They walked around the room and looked at everything, amazed by it all. Mikayla's face light up once she sat in her leaf chair and played with her new equipment.

She stayed there smiling and laughing as the room was crowded with her friends and family. The family had never seen that look of absolute content on Mikayla before.

A big thank you to Sony, Ian, Vic and a special thank you to Rhonda and Paul Rushforth for adopting Mikayla's wish!

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