Milana's wish to meet Queen Elsa

Milana is an adorable 11-year-old girl suffering from severe epilepsy. Milana enjoys listening to music, singing, gymnastic, horses and Disney's Queen Elsa. She was so happy during wish granter's first visit and told them all about Elsa. She wanted to go meet Elsa and the other Disney characters and spend time with her family.

We surprised Milana at her school to let her know her wish would come true. With the help of Rooney Feeds we brought in some mini horses dressed up like princesses and had her best friend, previous wish child Arianne, serenade her with Elsa's song "Let It Go."

Milana was overwhelmed with joy when she found out that her wish will come true! On April 25th, 2016 Milana and her family were whisked away to the airport in a big white limousine. Once they arrived, they were greeted by a Westjet representative and began their magical wish adventure.

Milana's family had this to say:

"Milana and the rest of the M's are back from sunny Florida. I have no words that could describe our week. Give Kids The World Village is full of angels on earth, the caring was so overwhelming I can't talk about it without crying. Our entire week was magical... from the airport pick up, the WestJet staff on our way there and the staff at Give Kids the World Village made our trip what it was.

Milana was in awe when she saw Queen Elsa. We all were actually... she was gorgeous. We did a park every day and then on our last day the girls begged us to stay in the village and just enjoy 'home.' We are so grateful and both agreed that in the next year or so, we want to book a week and go volunteer there. We want to help someone else have the same week we did!"

Our thanks to Give Kids the World, WestJet, Sony and TuGo. And a special thank you to Rooney's Feeds for adopting Milana's wish and making her wish come true!

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