Mitchell's wish to have an electronic gaming set-up!

Mitchel is 17 years old and a true gamer!

He was referred to us by the oncology team at CHEO as he is living with a brain tumor. When we first met Mitchel he explain to us his passion for computers and gaming.

For the first time ever, we revealed a wish via Facetime! We had planned for Mitchel to meet up with his Adopt-A-Wish Tysen's Mission to a Million at the Cheshire Cat Pub for a dinner & movie event. What Mitchel didn't know is that Make-A-Wish were at his house making his wish come true! During the movie Make-A-Wish Facetimed Mitchel and revealed the amazing news that his Electronic Gaming Setup was granted! His reaction was priceless!!

"Thank you so very much!!This means the world to me!" -Mitchel

This gamer will be very busy enjoying all his new toys! From a custom computer to an amazing TV, he has been granted the gamers dream setup!

Thank you to CHEO, Dymon Storage, Best Buy, Sony and Party Mart for your support in granting this wish!

Special Thank you Cheshire Cat & Carp Custom Creamery who donated 10k supporting Tysen's Mission to a Million in adopting Mitchel’s wish! 

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