Nathan's wish to see the Eiffel Tower

Nathan is a kind 13-year-old teenager who likes to play hockey and baseball. He also enjoys reading and playing video games. His most cherished wish was to go to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower.

Nathan and his family's first stop was London, England. While in London, they met up with relatives, went on the London Eye and did plenty of sightseeing. Nathan said the view of Big Ben was amazing. Then, they took a visit to the London Aquarium where Nathan had the chance to pet a starfish. The family visited Windsor Castle and even caught a glimpse of Queen Elizabeth at the "Trooping the Colour" ceremony.

The next stop was Paris, France. While in Paris, Nathan and his family visited the Louvre and the Palace of Versailles. The most thrilling part of the trip for Nathan was his visit to the Eiffel Tower. He told us, “I thought I would have to walk up the Eiffel Tower but a large elevator was available. The view from the top was spectacular!”

Nathan and his family really enjoyed their trip to London and Paris and are grateful to Make-A-Wish® Eastern Ontario and all of its supporters. Nathan said that he is very thankful for everyone who made this experience possible and for making his wish come true.

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