Nicholas's wish to have Sony equipment

Nicholas is a 17-year-old  boy with severe Lung Disease. Nicholas has been through a lung transplant and has had too many hospital visits to count. Nicholas has received the devastating news that there are no treatments for him and his lungs are rapidly failing.

During Nicholas' first visit he had mentioned several things that he would love. He wanted some electronics, a boat or anything to do with cars.

First, Nicholas was surprised with a ride in a convertible Corvette. This ride led him to a fishing expedition with some fishing pros, where he caught some fish and had the time of his life. During this time, a Sony surprise was being set up at home including a TV, camera, laptop and many more surprises. When Nic walked in the room, the biggest smile came over his face. Nic was over the moon when he saw that his Sony wish had come true!

Nic's mother has been sending emails weekly to let us know how much Nic is enjoying all his stuff.

Thank you to Julie Nicholls, our volunteer in Sudbury for all her help. We would also like to thank Rico Rinaldi from Mid City Mazda in Sudbury for helping with the wish reveal including the corvette and fishing experience. The Sudbury community really came together to ensure that Nic would have a marvelous wish!


A big thank you to Tysen’s Mission for adopting Nic’s wish and making his wish a reality!

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