Nicolas' wish to go to Walt Disney World Resort!

Nico is a 6-year-old boy living with leukemia who wished to go to Walt Disney World Resort® with his family. With the help of Vœux Orléans Wishes in Support of Make-A-Wish® Eastern Ontario we surprised Nico at his school and gave Nico the news that his wish was coming true. These exciting words appeared on a large screen in French: Nico your wish is coming true! You and your family are going to Walt Disney World Resort®! His family had not seen him smile and have so much energy since his treatment had started.

On November 19th, 2017 Nico and his family left for Disney World Resort®! Nico said that “This is the best trip of my life!!!” Nico’s mother said that he was hopping and skipping all over the park from one ride to the next. Nico met Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Dingo, and a bunch of other Disney characters! He had a blast on a pirate treasure hunt, learned some magic tricks with his own special wand at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter® and he said he “rode the biggest horse on the carrousel at all of Disney World Resort®!”.

Nico got to see some lions, penguins, and rhinoceros! He also saw the fireworks cover the Disney castle like you see at the beginning of the Disney movies! Nico enjoyed playing in the life-sized version of Candyland with his brother and ate pizza throughout the whole trip and ice cream for breakfast (because mom promised to not control his diet on the trip!).

Give Kids the World® helped the family created a sparkling brass star with Nico’s name on it that was mounted on the ceiling of the Castle of Miracles among 140,000 other stars! This was a special moment for Nico’s journey. This was an extremely special moment for the family.

Nico and his family were able to enjoy a wonderful vacation together as a family and when Nico’s mom asked him if the trip was what he had hoped and had wished it would be his response was “No!—Because it was even better than I could have ever imagined!!”

We would like to thank Give Kids the World, Disney World, Sony, WestJet, and TuGo insurance for helping to make Nico’s wish come true!

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